Wednesday, July 15, 2009

There Is No Past - No Kidding

When I think of what happened yesterday or last month or four years ago or two decades ago, I am thinking in the present. When I conjure up images about tomorrow or next month or next year, my "conjuring" is happening right the present moment. Additionally, every time I change a current belief, it changes my belief filter...which means it then changes what I choose to focus on, which could be my past (which is actually my present happening in the present moment). Thus, if I thought yesterday that what I had done was foolish and stupid, then my past would not only be my past (which, though it might be historical, it actually is happening now in the present as a present thought), but, additionally, the imprint of "foolish" or "stupid" would now be part of the past (still my present thinking masquerading as the past).

Then if I attended a program at the Option Institute (for example, Optimal Self-Trust or Empower Yourself) and came to the new (more friendly and self-loving) conclusions that I always do the best I can (one principle we teach) -- then I would remove foolish and stupid as part of my recollection -- and viola, I change the so-called past in regard to what it means to me and how I "frame" it in my thoughts and respond to it. The past, ironically, is a moving target. Suggestion: keep changing our current beliefs in such a way as to create more self-acceptance and love, then check out our recollections (the so-called past) and we'll notice, given our new belief filters, that our history has changed. Thus, it's never too late to change the past and give ourselves a happy childhood (one possibility among many if we want to improve the quality of our lives and make personal growth a stairway to clarity and comfort).
Love, Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman/Co-Founder/Option Institute)

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