Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Changing How We Live In The World

FROM BEARS (Option Institute Co-Founder)-- Extraordinary Man/ Empowering Yourself -- Chad reaches out. I reach back. Here we go!


From the core of my being, thank you for what you represent in the universe and the impact it has had on my family (global and nuclear) and I.
I had an extraordinary experience this past week, which is still continuing. Through absorbing the experience and principles of the attitude and the process, I have reached a significantly deeper place of authenticity, awareness, and empowerment. It is quite phenomenal how meta-physical my reality is, and the sensation of embracing that in the face of societal norms and popular belief is exquisite.
Although I still have fear and anger to explore, I look forward to walking towards it and creating new possibilities.
I look forward to our continued connection and communication.



Bears Barry Neil Kaufman
Dear Chad: What a joy to have you back at the Institute -- your sense of self-studentship and your love of learning was quite a wonder to behold. I am so, so excited that the week had been so extraordinary and useful to use -- hurrah!!! I also appreciate your sweet and gracious words. Next time...don't wait so long until you return. Love, Bears
PS: Just a note, as a way to share what we do and how it impacts others, if you could (if you want) post what you wrote to me on my wall, others can read it -- just somewhere in the post include the name of the EM program at the Option Institute, etc. Again, thanks...yes, we are and will stay connected.

Good Morning Bears,

Thank you for your message and kind words. In further testament of my love for the Institute, I would like to share a quick story with you. Since the time I spent in the extraordinary man program, I have been so keenly aware of my own thought process and my ability to chose my thoughts. Therefore, over the past several days, I have been witness to the universe manifesting my wants and desires in ways that are truly magnificent and beyond all popular explanation. For example, as a result of the Summit Club meeting, I set the intention to participate in the Empowering Yourself program this November. Initially, I had some fear around this want because I did not have the money to put down a deposit. However, through being aware of my fear, owning it, and then choosing to believe in the benevolence of the universe, I let go of the fear and remained in a space of gratitude and excitement. Saturday evening, I was managing an event in DC, a Rooftop Caribbean Party with a Live Band, where we had pre-sold 200 tickets and were expecting a good crowd. Very unexpectedly, a rare event occurred. An additional 60 people showed up who had not pre-registered and paid cash at the door. My percent of the money ended up being exactly what I needed for my deposit that I had promised to have for Zoe by Monday. By opening up the channels for the Universe to provide, it did just that. This is just one of several examples that have occurred in the past several days, and as I continue to engage in self student ship and intentional choice, I have ahhh haaa moment after ahhh haaa moment and the universe quickly follows though with manifestation. This attitude and process are so powerful. Thank you for being my mentor!!!



Bears Barry Neil Kaufman
Chad: This is the best...for you, for a trusting the universe (no matter what's presented) and for believing in yourself. Your communications about what you learned in the Extraordinary Man program and your commitment to make it happen so you can attend the Empower Yourself Program (which you will love and will help you take yourself to the next level) takes my breath away. Ten cheers. Ten thousand cheers. As I know you said it was okay previous, I will share this with others as well. I am holding a warm seat for you come Nov. 2nd. when the Empower Yourself program starts.

Love and gratitude, Bears

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