Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10,000 Facebook Friends

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): 10,000 Facebook Friends. Imagine 10,000 people on Facebook reading and exchanging exciting, hopeful, inspiring, celebratory messages -- daring with be loving, daring to live authentically, daring to happy (and kind-hearted) even when other choose to be unhappy. Can you help me acquire 10,000 new friends by asking everyone you know to be my friend (which means they'll be yours as well)?

Imagine all those folks learning more about happiness, about the Option Process®, about The Son-Rise Program®, about the power to unearth and change beliefs, about living an extraordinary life now...and climbing the best mountain we can design to our biggest dreams.

Imagine more people who are not afraid of each other, who choose to be less judgmental and more accepting of themselves and others, who choose to own their own "stuff" instead of blaming others, who are excited to "love first, act" second -- who want to live a very conscious life and on the day of their death be able to say about how they choose to live:: "Well done, no regrets." 

More and more love, Bears


  1. Hi Bears,
    Like anything in my life I'm almost there and then I fall back so far. any way I can almost understand the needs and wants dilemma if want love isn't it because it is a basic human need like breathing or drinking water? this is for me like the egg and chicken dilemma.
    By the way you and Marshall Rosembeg are my two life revelations!!!

  2. I love this post! Love. xxx