Monday, January 11, 2010

Addiction vs. Choice

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): Next Subject: Addiction vs. choice. When we exercise everyday (like me), we call it disciplined (because we approve of this repetitive behavior). When we overeat, smoke, drink excessively, we call it an addiction (because we disapprove). In each case, we are choosing. However, using the word addiction is the ultimate abdication of responsibility supported by a clinical culture that suggests we're not in control.

Addiction vs. choice. If we want to do something, over and over again, it’s still a choice in the moment we do it. If we believe choices chosen over and over are more powerful than any new choice we make, then we dis-empower our ability to be different. We’re either in-control or out-of-control – the chooser or the victim. In any next moment, we can make a new choice. Belief becomes reality.

Love, Bears

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  1. Bears, do you or someone else have copy of that interview you did with Guy about topic? I thought it excellent how you shared usefulness of some common beliefs about addictions etc Larry