Sunday, February 14, 2010

Honk If You Love Bumper Stickers

FROM ANGIE HOOPER: Rush hour traffic crept forward as I noticed details of the car in front of me. It's bumper sticker said, I'm sorry...was it my job to fill your life with joy today? My first thought, "Hey, dude, don't be so snarky." But then my Option Process reflexes kicked into gear.

Maybe that driver was on to something....

Maybe, if I stopped worrying about whether the bumper sticker had a sarcastic font, and whether other drivers would be unhappy when they read it, and whether unhappy drivers would have a fender bender that would totally snarl the traffic, I could step back and consider the proposal. So I asked myself the question, "Whose job is it to fill my life with joy today?" Turns out, I believe that it's my job to fill my life with joy today. I wonder where I can get one of those bumper stickers?

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