Thursday, March 11, 2010

Being Flexible

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): Flexibility and buildings...Years ago, we built buildings out of the hardest materials to be strong and withstand environmental challenges - like earthquakes. They fell down anyway. Today, we build buildings to be sway, to move, even put some of them on rollers. The lesson: when we're brittle, we break -- when we're flexible, we move with the wind and the currents. We survive/we thrive. Be flexible.
Be like the wings of an aircraft. Movement is a sign of life. Rigidity is the echo of death. The universe celebrates itself through constant change -- nothing is set (that's only an illusion). Everything flexes -- everything moves. We can be intentional and design/redesign ourselves for the greatest capability to be flexible and to move.

Love and smiles, Bears (Co-Founder/Option Institute)

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