Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Power Dialogues - Tuesday

From Angie Hooper: Lots and lots of technique today in the Power Dialogues program, how to breakdown what an explorer is saying and useful questions to pose in response. I usually use the Dialogue with myself and I find something useful in the process. With others, however, I listen but rarely ask any questions.

I usually just focus on staying in the mentor's attitude of wanting the best for the explorer. I realized that I was comfortable doing Dialogues with myself because I trust myself to get to my own best answer. I was holding back from asking questions to others because I hadn't trusted them to get their own best answers and didn't want to fall into the tyranny of giving unsolicited advice. Now that I see that this is often a question of trust for me, I can look more specifically at why I'm hesitant to ask a particular question instead of being hesitant to ask any question.

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