Monday, May 17, 2010

Never Give Up

FROM BEARS: This is about hope - love - daring - and about never giving up. Standing ovation for this woman, this woman, this awesome planetary creature. Ten wows!!!

(From Paula Aitken, Son-Rise Program Mom): My son is 23 years old. He has been doing THE SON-RISE PROGRAM for 9 months. Last 2 weeks have been amazing. He is spontaneously kissing and cuddling me lots first time since he was 4yrs old. He has picked up pens and attempted coloring in for the first time ever. He is making his own choices without being asked for first time. He has NOW said some words a few times so I know he will speak when he is ready. NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER HOW OLD YOUR CHILD IS. You just need to believe in them.


  1. This is amazing! I know someone who has an autistic son who is around 18 years old and would not have thought there could be any hope of changing his situation. I'll let him know of this... One question is how to keep yourself safe - this kid is huge - is allowed to get into any area of house - so can get into unsafe situations with him (he hasn't hurt himself or any others with though - yet - . However, he has punched holes in walls, etc.

  2. Paula,
    I can say you are one of them who is ready to do anything anytime for your kid. My son is 15 and I just started Son-Rise, so many times I thought all kids are so small they have more chances than me to recover. If I would meet somebody whose child is nearly my son's age.... and see, I found you.
    Keep it up girl.