Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Creating Calm Amid "Apparent" Chaos

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman):

Can it be done? If we begin at the beginning. Chaos is not about what's "out there" or the events we experience. Chaos is not a fact or observation. It is a descriptive belief that contains, for most of us, an embedded judgment. "My life is chaos." "The economy is chaos." "World affairs are chaotic." What we are saying is that we can't organize and therefore understand what we see or experience in a way that makes sense to us. It doesn't mean that there is no explanation for what is occurring -- it just means we don't have an explanation so we then assume it's random and (here's the judgment) bad for us.

In our program, Calm Amid Chaos (we even have a CD series of this program), we present something we call THE INTELLIGRID -- which is a framework to organize everything...to organize all that we see and experience for easy consumption by us without fear or judgment. C'mon, you might be sighing. Here's why we can do it -- if we don't need to understand everything and we don't need to explain everything but want a way to embrace what the universe delivers to you at your doorstep (love, hate, kindness, illness, broken relationships, loss of a loved one, economic challenges) with a deep sense of peace for all that occurs, then such a thesis could be possible. One essential aspect of the Intelligrid is the principle that experience is not "out there" but what we do inside of ourselves with what is "out there". We are not often in charge of what is happening "out there", but we are in charge of what is happening within. Sooooo...it would be profoundly useful and life-affirming to create a simple, organizing framework for easy digestion inside of what's "out there". So, let's tickle the subject.

We've always been taught that first we have a cause, then we have an effect. Cause & Effect. You kick something and it moves. You turn on the faucet and water pours forth. You flick the light switch and the light comes on. Very simple. Reasonable. Substantiated. Now, let's consider turning that notion on its head and reverse the construct. Instead of the cause preceding the event, suppose, just suppose the cause is in the future (not the past). Suppose the future is actually beckoning to you...and gives you opportunities to learn, grow, change so you can meet it. Personal example: as a young man, I was unhappy so I searched for ways to explain the world, make sense of the world so I can experience more joy and love. Then, after several years, I learn about the power of beliefs and change myself as does Samahria, my wife. We get to understand about judgments and take ownership for what we feel and what we do (all based on the beliefs we adopt and empower). Then suddenly we have a child with autism...Raun. However, if we had never explored and changed, we could never have greeted Raun with ease, love and creativity. It was as if Raun was coming from the future, beckoning us to get ready (and so what we maybe saw as hardships were actually gifts and blessings to change). We helped Raun fully recover through the Son-Rise Program, which we designed just for him...or so we thought. Because actually there was Simon and Kyle and Brandon and Amy and Sarah and Jimmy all in our future, calling to us and Raun -- our work with Raun readied us to be with those other children and help them. Ah, but it doesn't stop here...imagine, all this has happened because in 2018 in a remote village, a little boy will be born with autism and he is calling to us from the future to keep working with children and spreading the word so he can find us.

One component of the Intelligrid (a component we have been discussing and teaching for over three decades) is set into place. There are others that fully construct this grid. It's all make-believe, but it works.

In CALM AMID CHAOS class this morning (WE ALL HAD THE BEST, BEST TIME), after I presented and explored with the group the notion, as part of the Intelligrid, that the cause is other than in the past (smiles), Gerty Handelman concluded (her learning) that "if you want to where you have been (your personal history), look at their body; if you want to know where you're going, look at your thoughts." Ah, one lovely insight (among many expressed today) into the nature of human dynamics and the Option Process Philosophy -- the basics of all we teach at the Option Institute.

Love and caring, Bears (Option Institute Co-Founder)

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