Thursday, September 9, 2010



Here we experiment and/or the cusp of an expanding idea of the Option Process and what is possible. Today, a Son-Rise Program Mom and a graduate level student of the Option Process decided to play and join in taking a journey back and then forward in time. We had been working together for several days. This amazing lady challenged old demons and, at the same time, charted new territory for herself in her life. It was about relationships, about family, about giving what we do meaning, about being kind to ourselves and cutting ourselves some slack if we're not happy at times or judgmental at times or even angry and unkind at times. Streaming dialogs in a marathon of dialogs over two days...Samahria and I as the mentors, this daring woman and her husband awesome explorers and relentless self-students of themselves. The evening before we had presented the idea of inception...but a very different kind bouncing off the movie Inception that Samahria and I had seen. This concept would be a flexing and widening of happiness is a choice and encouraging the universe toward possibilities perhaps untapped.

Okay...dreams within in dreams. Worm holes. Parallel universes. And the concept of seeding the past with a new premise and event (all make believe) to birth forward a new evolution of that past and explode it into the present.

We did in the form of a guided meditation/visualization. My explorer went back to a past event with her mom, when she was five years old --scared and greeted with what felt like harshness by a parent. A little girl now confused and alone. A seeming act of unkindness and judgment replaced and visualized now with a loving act by a loving mother toward a frightened child. The explorer smiled broadly as she re-imagined that event -- the warmth in her mother's eyes and arms and the warmth she now created as she visualized herself at 5 years old again (very different from the original experience). Then, I suggested she take herself and her mother two years forward and re-imagine the next event...but coming from the new, re-conceived and relived event she had just "incepted" into her mind and the universe. She realized her and her mom had a new connection with a new result happening...nourishing now for them both. Then I had her move forward another 3 years, then another 5, then as a young adult...then into the present. What this amazing explorer now visualized was a completely revolutionized mother-daughter and mother-daughter relationship as a natural outgrowth of a different path taken.

So, what we then had was two versions of herself and two version of her mom in real time. We could call one set of these people flesh and blood...but the other set, re-imagined. Both real -- one with physical life, one with make-believe life.. Two moms. Two daughters. The re-imagined daughter now even sees the flesh and blood mom differently. This then creates a new opportunity for both. Our explorer, still guided as the meditation/visualization continues, puts a white/yellow light around her newly-visualized mom and fills that light with her love -- and anchors that image so she could bring it forth anytime she express more love, to embody her re-imaged self and mom with more light.

A seeming act of unkindness lived forwarded brought about in 'flesh-and-blood time' more acts of additional unkindness. Yet, when seeding each other with love, love blossomed forth. Which mom will prevail now? Which daughter?

When we created a very special expansion program (Calm Amid Chaos) of the Option Process at the Option Institute, I felt, personally, that I had taken my own learning to the next level. Creating an Intelligrid to organize the apparent chaos. Stimuli re-conceived in a benevolent universe. The cause is in the future (not the past). Change is continuous. Most everyone who has taken that program felt permanently transformed by creating for themselves a new personal vision in which they could create peace-of-mind during the unpredictable winds of change. I am considering this construct of re-imagining with place of a new inception could now precipitate the next generation growth of what we teach.

Stay tuned. We will continue to experiment and perfect further the possibilities in which choice is always in the now but embraces our entire past and can be influential on our future/the future. While we still have breath,, it is never too late. We can not only kiss the ground we walk, but kiss all the ground we once walked in our memories (all memories always exist in the present; thus, accessible for re-recreation or re-imagination).

Tick-Tock...yet all of us have all the time we require for what we would like to do...inception of kindness, inception of love, inception of a re-conceive past which could/would impact the present which defines an evolving future.

Love and smiles, Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman/Option Institute/Son-Rise Program Co-Founder)


  1. Recreation as recreation. Prounounced both "ree-creation" and "reh-creation."

    Very cool.