Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ricker Racker Firecracker Shish Boom Bah ! River Abel River Abel RA RA RA !!!

Dear River:

I write to give you a huge hug and a big old high five! Me? Who am I ? I am your biggest cheerleader. Through the ups and downs, I’ve been here. Actually there has never been a moment since June 1, 1994 that I have not been around. I was here before that too but you denied my existence. That date sound familiar? Yep, that was the date that you decided to stop being depressed and to be impressed with yourself. Not only is June 1 your actual birthday, it is now, as you so sweetly celebrate, your re-birthday too. Grand how that happened on the same date, huh ? A mere coincidence or expansively purposeful? I vote for the latter

Let’s get back to the ups and downs. The level of happiness and comfort you’ve created in your life has shifted throughout the years; at times buoyant and vibrant, at times you’ve crashed and burned. Frequently, you were savvy enough that as you burned in the self created flames of unhappiness, depression and anxiety, you went out of your way to amplify it as you did drama, finger pointing, tears, neediness and clinging. Dude, you wore that shroud of victimhood with style and flourish! Recognize though behind that is a heightened passion and tenacity of your creation. The same heightened passion that you’ve actualized in expressing your happiness. When you’re doing happiness, generating it with that passion and excitement, and most of all ease, your entire world becomes move vibrant. You become a beacon. You shine.

Remember that your tenacity continues to serve you well. Even during the times you’ve fallen down or danced the dance of people pleasing, you acknowledged and explored through self studentship what your were doing and why you were doing it.This has and continues to serve you well. Continue to mine yourself as your own best resource and expert. Trust. Let go. Embrace. Connect. Live alive.

The dark days and scenery you designed as the stage of your life over recent years are ended. You decided to bring them to an end. The curtain is lowered and I am doing a standing ovation in your honor. A catch phrase today is “ it’s all good”. You know it really is. That the pain and sorrow initiated and accomplished by you are the source of brilliant and significant learnings. I’m looking forward to seeing what you will do with these learnings.

Most importantly you’ve got self love going on now; I know that is the bottom line of your happiness. Some recently have not believed you or challenged you on this as untrue. What a blessing to hear that ! You’ve been using it as a way to invest in yourself, explore yourself, and to see with clarity what is most important as you move through your world. Bless them for being so useful to you in such a daring manner.

Remember to give yourself some slack, powerful wonder. While your intent is to be happy, don’t beat yourself up if your not 100% of the time.

One last thought, from me my dear friend. Risk being obvious. Risk being obvious in expressing your self love. You’ve got it going on and now make it bigger. Fan the flames of self love so powerfully that you can see me dancing around the fire, cheering you on ! Celebrating you ! Delighting in you!

With love,


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  1. Love it River, nicely said. You are amazing, I am glad you have you to cheer you on!