Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FROM BEARS: Third Post for Tonight

THIRD POST FOR TONIGHT: check out the two others below! Amy/Bobbie brought quotes from some of my classes:

  1. "This isn't happening to me, I'm doing it."

  2. "There are no wrong moves."

  3. "All road lead to happiness" - no kidding!

  4. "Gifts are not entitlements (this is the death of gratitude).

  5. "Anger is a request... for power from someone feeling powerless."

Paul S.
‎"Being genuinely happy for someone else's success is a beautifully rare gift"

Jackline W.
The 5th one is a point to ponder on... thank you Bears. I'm going to reconstruct my past with this.

Yvette R.
Ok, so not a quote from you but one I love nonetheless - "I am the Love I seek!!"

Jen M. J.
I love #5!!!!!!! They are all GREAT!!!!!

Donny H.
BUT BUT BUT!!! WHAT ABOUT..... um... yeah great quotes. I would have disagreed strongly even a year ago with all but number 4. So much is behind each statement. Easy to misinterpret for anyone new to Option. Seems like I read a book about these things somewhere... Oh yeah! "Happiness is a Choice." LOVE YOU BEARS!

Sunil W.
I am living in your classes though i am far away,,, happy to share on #5, ""Anger is a request for power from someone feeling powerless."

Alison S. T.
I love Jackline's thought about reconstructing the past in the light of anger being a request for power. It's weird that adults get angry with tiny children and feel powerless when faced with a two year old. I remember people being angry with me when I was that small but never before thinking that they felt powerless in their interaction with me, add in the violence to their anger and wow, I must have been some two year old for them to feel that powerless : )

Simone D. L. T.
Thank you for the amazing gift of these sentences! xx

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