Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where are your beliefs taking you?

From Bears Barry Neil Kaufman: WHERE ARE YOUR BELIEFS TAKING YOU? Heaven bound? Or off the unhappiness cliff? Every belief has a destination. "The world is a scary place" leads me to frame what I see with fear. "Opportunities abound" leads to me to seek & see possibilities for myself/for those I love. "No one loves me" makes me emotionally homeless. "I love me" keeps me filled and safe. Where are you going with your beliefs????

Alison S. T.
Knowing that my beliefs are all my own creation has been my key learning that I have gained from coming to The Option Institute. Before then I believed that the world was a scary place, but I thought that was a fact - I didn't realise that ...I had just made that up. So knowing that I am totally making it up means that I might as well make it up in a way that is constructive - building towards my happiness. The curious thing is that changing that make up means that I see the same world but with new eyes - now more wondrous and magical than before.

Joan J.-v.

Avak B.
Thank you this post! I learnt many years ago that "beliefs are nothing but a feeling of certainty about what something means" and have developed and adopted empowering beliefs and let go of the disempowering ones for myself which makes me experience happiness daily very easily...most importantly though i know that beliefs can be changed in a heartbeat...:))

Rosemary R. J.
Thank you Bears. Why is it that people need to be reminded to see things from a positive perspective? Kind of like telling someone it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown. I am one of those people who needs the constant reminder. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

Jenn M.
Good question! :o)

Ronda P.F.
This exact issue has come up several times this week... I've seen questions that lead to fear and unhappiness, and I've noticed the same questions asked without judgement can lead to amazing answers. Often when I'm asking myself a question that leads to fear and unhappiness, it's because I haven't really asked a question. I've made a judgement that happens to have a question mark at the end. Thanks for the reminder, Bears. As always, your tidbits inspire me to think more deeply and clearly...

Augustus D. J. II
wow, what a thread, so true, 'look for the good, find
God's blessing, look for evil, find God's curse'. that's in Proverbs somewhere,

Ariel K.
Soaring in the stratospere Bears!

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