Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From Barry Neil Kaufman (Bears): Wobblers Vs. Doers

Why would we ever wobble? Be indecisive? Act confused?

All wobbling comes from fear -- to turn left or right, to say yes or no. Fear of not getting what we want, tripping, falling. Actually, the risky position is the not deciding and "not doing." When we fall, we can just get up. When we miss the mark, we can just do it again. Life can be a hesitant dance...or a daring adventure.

Love, Bears

Deborah G.
Thank you Bears. I had to give something up today, to do something life.

Alison S. T.
I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not sure........only joking!!! For me, the fear is that by doing something I would make my situation worse, which of course is a judgment. But as you say, no decision is a decision, but often without clarity and therefore more risky than deciding what to do.
Deciding that the universe is benevolent is something that I have decided to learn to trust as there are then no wrong moves, and so step by step I can change the way I do things.

Penya S.
really great bears -- very inspiring, like you!

Don K.
No excuses, just more "daring" and more "adventure". Thanks. Love, DK.

Winden R.
I AM A WOBBLER! Holy cow. Boy am I ever! But.... I know when I am doing it, I know that somehow I am taking care of myself and I don't judge it anymore as bad. That's a start I suppose! Thank you for the reminder Bears. See you in November.

Tauska T.
Wibble, wobble, wobble, wome...time for this one to come home!
Thanx Bears!

Roberta R.
I'm for daring adventure! Love the "wobbling" metaphor. Thank you for your post Bears.

Catherine H.-P.
Wow! So this is a message I needed to here RIGHT NOW. Stand back fear...this wobbler is going to do something. Thanks again for shining a light!

Jyldyz W.
Bears, thank you! It feels like it's the first time I've actually not only understood what wobbling means but began to totally see how I've been doing it in my life...not all my life...but definitely the past few years and how this fear of ...making the wrong move kept me stuck. You are absolutely right! It is The RISKIEST POSITION of ALL! THANK YOU!
Winden, I'm SO joining your club:-) Although, unlike you, I've yet to learn Not to judge it as bad and to understand what is it that I'm actually trying to take care of by wobbling. Can we form a dialogue on this:-)

Corbie M.
Every single day of this course has brought so many WOWS! In only three days (so far) I have dispensed with fears that have followed me for years, and have owned for the very first time how much I believe in ME. Thank you, Bears!

Winden R.
Jyldyz! Hello sweet you! I have an idea! Sign up for Empowering Yourself in November. What a PERFECT program to de-wobble ourselves. I am already going. Can you!? I would LOVE to catch up.

April S.
I could give wabbler lessons. The reason why i do it is b/c going left or going right look equally good (or equally bad) to me. I'm waiting for something to tip the scale. BUT, the great part of it is that now I am MUCH more comfortable being in wabble mode. I.e. not judging it. Like, hey, cool, I have a choice to go left or right.

Neal E.
Life's "dramas and traumas" are created because of your own in-congruency of personal truth, emotional expression and daily actions... LIVE TO LIBERATE YOURSELF.... NOT TO PLEASE OTHERS! The fear of what you WILL LOSE by being true to yourself will NEVER out way the BENEFITS you'll gain from being in alignment with your HEART AND SOUL! ~ Bret Treadwell

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind! ~ Dr. Seuss

Be comfortable with who you are even if that changes by the minute. ~ Neal Elefant

Priya P.
tnx for the reminder:)

Gail B. F.
Bears, I am so much more confident at making decisions these days. Between coming to Fearless in the Spring and then following up with Optimal Self Trust this summer, I feel a whole new infrastructure with my decision making. I have minimized the whole process of self-questioning at least 1/2 of what I used to do. I feel much more in touch with who I am, what I want and most of all happy with the decisions that I make or have made instead of beating myself up about them. SIGH what a relief; a much more comfortable way to live. So much love and gratitude!

To Everyone: Thanks for enriching these sharings with your thoughts, self-reflection, authenticity and love. I am very blessed for all your kindness and caring. Love, Bears

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  1. My vote is for the daring adventures...I've had a few and don't regret a moment. Love to you, Bears and Samahria, for being daring adventurers, you have enriched so many people's lives as a result!