Thursday, March 17, 2011

From Bears - The "truth"

A compelling phenomenon: the "truth." The problem with the truth is that it appears to be a moving target -- a perception ingested through our belief filters. Thus, from each person's vantage point there is a formulated viewpoint. That's fascinating. The glitch is when we call our viewpoint the "truth," we enter the realm of self-righteousness (we're right, you're wrong). It's about how we show up.

What would happen if it's not about who is ever right or wrong (that's just a make belief created by the believer), but it's all about our purposes and our principles and how we deliver in accordance to them. Thus, we'd never need to scold... or condemn (or be unhappy about what others do or don't do) -- but love and take whatever action we thought made sense to us. No right. No wrong. Just about how people choose to show up -- or don't. One student last week got very angry because he thought he knew the truth...hummm. Seems like truth didn't deliver joy or love for him because it's not about truth (that moving, make-believe target). It's about choosing happiness irregardless of what we think we know (or don't know). Possible alternatives: which is more important -- to be "right" and angry or to be happy? Love, Bears


Toni L. T. - like your books title says...Happiness Is A Choice....we forgot that and expect others to make us happy! I love to read your posts! Thanks so much!

Sherri L. D. - My answer: To be happy and to never stop exploring the opportunities that await us each day of our lives. The "truth" can often get in the way of what we truly WANT, even destroy relationships, and cause hardships. I want to be happy and treasure every moment that I have with my beautiful children, loving husband, devoted mother, and dear friends.

Paula Ann S. - There is no such word as" irregardless"...

Pessy G. - So interesting Bears. I struggled with this concept during Radical Authenticity. I believe there's a distinct difference between belief and truth. The difference to me is that truth is constant, never changing, as in G-d's word. Beliefs are subject to change based on how we perceive things.

Jeannie R. - In the past, I spent a lot of time in my life being "right" and angry. Now, 1000%, I totally prefer happiness!!! It feels great, and is amazingly easy--simply a choice.

Shaun K. - then any belief would be a form of self righteousness, provided a belief is something one holds to be "true" no? (i would agree) belief biˈlēf noun 1 an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists : his belief in God a belief that solitude nourishes creativity. • something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction : c.ontrary to popular belief, Aramaic is a living language we're prepared to fight for our beliefs

Paula Ann S.- I will always remember in our 8 week when you said "the truth shall set you free and yet there is no truth"....which is all about finding the middle way. Looking in the place between right & wrong, good & bad, happy & unhappy and accepting what you find there. That is what the Buddha called bliss

Alison S. T. - Oh Bears, how often have I let the desire to be "right" seriously blunt my purpose. How much of my life's energy has been spent on trying to pick the "right" action in order to get the desired reaction from other people. This is just exquistite: if there is no right or wrong then there is no judgement, and in it’s place – sweet freedom. Freedom to dance to the rhythm of my own drum beat. Freedom to make up that rhythm in any way I choose. So I am going to choose to show up with passion and greater clarity for my purpose. This rocks!! Much love and grateful smiles.

Winden R. - Amy Cow and I JUST talked about this concept this morning. The is about as real as make believes...

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