Thursday, April 28, 2011

Despair or Bliss

Today at lunch I went to our dining hall to visit with the participants in our Wide Awake program, which is our premier, All Bears, All the time program. Here's what I heard: "Fantastic" "Incredible" "Inspirational" "Intense" "Wonderful" "Dynamic" etc.

But what really moved me was that each and every person I talked to made it happen for themselves. Meaning that they decided to feel Fantastic, Incredible, Wonderful, etc. And it's always like that, isn't it. At any moment, in any situation, with anyone and anywhere...we get to choose. This is truly the beauty of our lives. Think of your life as your car. You have the keys and you are driving the car and you steer it where you want to go. Some drive headlong into despair, some drive into bliss, some drive with the hand brake on, others drive just a few miles over the limit, grabbing all the life they can. It's your life and you get to choose. What are your driving habits?

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