Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From Bears: Passion and Persistence

Passion & Persistence: If we want to be a force of nature, then we not only require clarity and conviction, but the willingness to throw ourselves into whatever we care about. Passion is giving it our "all," with excitement and enthusiasm. Persistence is going for it over and over; to keeping going for what we want no matter what the evidence. Believe in our dreams, in what could be rather than what is.

Love, Bears


Alison S. T. - I was just trying to think of something to inspire my Son Rise volunteers in our team meeting tonight and this is perfect!!!! They are a fabulous group who are turning out on a bank holiday evening in a thunder storm to review and plan for the next two weeks.

Thanks for the inspiration, the force of nature is my aim 200%

Loving you BIG

Ashlie S. - Exactly, Bears, exactly! thank you for reminding us :)

Simone D. L. T. - Thank you so much I really needed to hear that today, I really want to learn how to keep my excitement, enthusiasm and persistence being in physical pain, I start questioning all my convictions of what I am able to do when in pain, I want to be stronger and not change my convictions while in pain. Now it has become a battle that I almost don't want the pain to go before I learn to do that. When I learn to be happy in pain then I can let the pain go, sounds crazy, I need to make time to go to an adult course, which one?

Judy M. - I love what you said above, it reminds me of what I say - Confidence is a commitment and determination from within to do anything you want no matter what! It keeps me going for what I want with passion and determination that nothing and no one not even myself can get in my way!

Bears Barry Neil Kaufman - Simone: Consider taking Inner Strength, the core two week program that is part of the Grand Summer Sequence. The other suggestion, given what you have shared, is the Optimal Self-Trust program, and like Inner Strength, it is presented at the Option Institute in early July. Also, have you read Happiness Is A Choice and Power Dialogues they would be helpful as would, actually, some of the CD's and DVD's -- there is lots that you can do now...however, the most powerful action would be to take a program and become a big-time student of yourself. Love and smiles, Bears

Ellen Y. S. - Believe in what could be, rather than what is.... ummmmmm.

Peter R. A. - Don't believe in reality, believe in what you want. Thanks for sharing that with me last week during " Empowerment: Going for and getting what you want" at the Option Institute.

Simone D. L. T. - Thank you Bears I have certainly made a goal of doing an adult Program next year as this year I have commited my Holidays to volunteering at the Son-Rise Programs in the UK. I have been talking to Alison, Rekha and Rachel about which Program I should do and I think your suggestions are great. I have read Happiness is a choice and I have Power Dialogues at my bedside as my before bed reflection, I open it at a random page every night. As I need to deal with pain right now I think I'll call the ATCA and schedulle a dialogue for myself instead of an outreach for my son. Kate was talking today about being loving to others and to herself which made me think that right now studying myself would be the best thing I could do for my son's Son-Rise Program. Thank you Bears and Kate for helping me to decide that. My dialogue with Beverley at my Intensive helped my Program immensily so I think it is time to book another one.

Poppy M. - Thank you Bears i really needed to read that today. Xxx

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