Thursday, August 2, 2012

From Rekha: Maintenance is bliss!

Whilst doing my housework this morning I had a fleeting thought of how my regular effort at maintaining the house keeps it nice and clean and also prevents build up of tough grime, rot setting in and infestation, which can take a lot of hard work to bring the surfaces back to clean or decent condition.  However, so many people I know are happy to quite literally brush things under the carpet, or leave the dust building behind furniture and say “Ignorance is bliss”.  I like to use this as a metaphor for ourselves and our issues.  I work with so many people who have swept things under the carpet for so many years that they now suffer from stress, anxiety which often then lead to stomach ulcers and heart attacks or obesity if you are a comfort eater to just name a few.   They try and appear “fine” on the surface where underneath they experience a constant discomfort and disease!  So this brings me neatly (excuse the pun) to the title of this blog, why not adopt the belief that “Maintenance is bliss”.  Why not be constantly working on yourself to help clean out all those things you don’t need any more to stop the rot setting in!  
Rekha J
Option Process Counsellor

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