Monday, May 6, 2013

Core Beliefs to Adopt … to Drop

Dear Sweet People,

Please enjoy this inspirational story of the very first Son-Rise Program® Playroom and its influence on so many parents, children, professionals and volunteers.


[Photo Notation: Interacting with one of the program participants at the Option Institute™/Autism Treatment Center of America™]

What are your core beliefs? Please read on to reveal that only you can change what you believe!

• Drop: "I cannot change; this is the way I am." Adopt: "I can be whoever I want to be."
• Drop: "Change is difficult." Adopt: "Growing myself can be easy."
• Drop: "It takes a long time to change." Adopt: "It will take as much time as I believe it will take."
• One more adoption: "I can get what I want if I give what I want a voice."

With Love and Smiles,
Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman Co-Founder of the Option Institute & Autism Treatment Center of America™, Home of The Son-Rise Program®, Author: Happiness Is A Choice, Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues and No Regrets.

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