Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Bet

Who among us will win the sushi dinner?

Lose 10# or 15# in 10 weeks?

Our very own Mr. Barry Neil Kaufman wrote "A promise is what we tell each other when we're not sure we want to do it."
(Out-Smarting Your Karma)

In this case, it's a bet instead of a promise.
Weight loss: Diet. Denial. Monotonous routinized tedium.
Is it any wonder I'm using a bet as motivation to do what I 'should' do?

"When I believe I "have to," "should" or "must" ... I usually want to move in the opposite direction." (another Out-Smarting Your Karma gem)

So instead of thinking about moving toward improving my health, I've been focusing on moving away from being fat! And we all know that what you focus on you make bigger (and bigger and bigger!)

I'm now focusing on what I want: To be fit and healthy and vibrant.

So I dug out my Force of Nature notes and am creating action items to attach to each line item:
Clarity of Purpose
Decide to make a difference
Believe in what you're about to do
Stand tall even in the face of opposition
Once committed, give it all you've got
Stay the race until the end

What about you? Are you moving toward or away?
Are you creating your very own Alternative Health program?
I'd love to hear about your experiences!

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