Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finding A Purpose? Living On Purpose!

(Important: First, We Need To Stop Looking For A Purpose)

When I was younger, my companions and I were always excited to identify ourselves as "seekers," always in search of answers. Decades later, from time to time, I encounter one of the travelers on the road from years ago. Proudly, they are still seeking and searching. Ironically, I took a very different path when I started to explore, understand and change my beliefs with the Option Process. I changed the mantra from "I seek," to "I find." I realized that what we masquerade as discovery is actually creation. We don't find or discover our purpose; we actually create it. When we have a sudden burst of insight or a clear intention to walk a certain path; it's the result of a conclusion we make either in an instant or over time. It's not what we find under the rock that makes the difference; it's what we think about what we find under the rock and what we do with what we find under the rock that makes the difference. Thus, our creativity (our new conclusion, our originating thoughts and reflections) underlies all discovery.

So we can relax. Deciding our life's purpose, giving our life direction and taking action is all something we choose. Even if we see a lovely photograph and decide to be a photographer or see a child facing famine and decide to volunteer for a humanitarian organization; it's not what we saw that made the difference, it's what we decided to do about what we saw.

I'm pumped! At the Option Institute, we teach that it's all in our hands -- and that's not bad new but good news. Because, whatever we're doing, we can either keep doing or decide to change the course of our internal/external river. Ah, then anything is possible -- for you, for me, for the planet.

Love, Bears

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  1. Creating not's in our hands - we can relax. I like that. Whew! A let go!
    When I choose to know this, I do relax. Thanks for the reminder that this is in our control.

    Jan Sarbora