Monday, April 20, 2009

This is a first for me - I haven't ever "blogged" before. However, it seems like fun - I get to talk about myself - my favorite subject - in whatever manner I'd like.

I had disc surgery two weeks ago. The surgery itself was like a miracle in that it stopped the big pain that was running down my left leg. Now I'm recovering from the surgery itself and I can't swim or bike or run for I don't know how long. I also can't make art. I MISS my favorite activities A LOT! Of course, there is always another side to everything and the good news here is that I'm finally taking the time and energy to learn how to use a Mac lap top and I phone and I'm reading a lot (which I love to do), and watching lots of movies and learning to let Ted take more care of me. I will heal - I'm very healthy and then I will have all that learning, literature, movies and love to access whenever I want to. That's good!

Love to whomever reads this,


  1. Yea Robin! (from Jan Sarbora of 2004 Couples Course)

  2. Hi Robin,

    It is so terrific that your "big pain" is gone!

    Happy healing to you!
    Tracee Elliott