Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 Things I Just Love about Son-Rise Parents...

  1. Son Rise Program parents understand how you can be as proud of your autistic kid as the parents up the street with the bumper sticker for their honors student.
  2. Son Rise Program parents not only know that "green light" means "go," but that "no" means "try again in a minute."
  3. Son Rise Program parents celebrate what's important. Like eye contact, and smiles.
  4. When you start a story with, "So, my kid was smearing spit on the wall …" Son Rise Program parents wait for you to get to the part of the story that describes the problem.
  5. Son Rise Program parents can see how joining your child in anything (tearing up scrap paper, twirling string, staring at the ceiling fan) could be a doorway to the entire universe.
I just love that about Son-Rise parents.

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