Saturday, April 25, 2009

Better Than My Best Dream

Wide we come. The best and the brightest (at least some of them)...we jump off the cliff together, holding hands, lots of love and daring, top level graduate program which I so totally adore!!! It always feels like an delicious honor to teach every class, off-curriculum, high flame, while in the presence of so many committed Option Institute graduate students who have been and continue to use the Option Process as wondrous vehicle to propel them to the top of their mountain (by living their best dreams, not simply dreaming it). Some of you who will read this are in the program; for all others, this is the bar to hit. Imagine, no problem too big that can't be resolved, no unhappiness too resistant that can't be tamed, no mystery too immense that can't be embraced. Decades ago, when I started teaching and, with Samahria, creating the Option Institute, this was something that I had dreamed about -- like-minded people, who would create a community of vision and commitment -- to hold hands together and explore, to keep growing and wanting to live WIDE AWAKE. And now, this class, these students -- well even better than any dreamed I dreamed 27 years ago when we began the Institute. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Love and gratitude, Bears

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  1. I am a Certified Option Process Mentor - and I've taken the Group Facilitator Training which has provided my which outstanding tools. This was my 2. Wide Awake - and it has been more life changing than ANYTHING I ever expirienced before.

    I know that from this week I will change the standards for myself - I will higher the bars - I will forever remember that what I perceive as truth is just informations going through my filter of beliefs.

    To anyone who have ever felt inspired by the teachings at the Option Institute, by the Books, the blogs wrote by Barry Neil Kaufman, I will highly recommand to go for it: go to all the programes you can - do what ever it takes for you to be invited to Wide Awake - because this programe are absolutely AWESOME.