Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy UN-Birthday

I was thinking how celebratory and kind most of us are to ourselves on our birthdays. Once a year, you get to allow yourself to do what you want, enjoy doing something you don't ordinarily do, party, and just plain feel good. After all, it's your birthday - a time to dance.

What would happen if we only took one day, a different day from our birthday, like tomorrow, and decided to treat ourselves like it was our birthday ... like we were someone to focus on, love, and just plain feel good. Hey, it's only one day. Just as an experiment. Just because we decided to make a big deal about being alive on an ordinary day. Try it once. But that means that throughout the day, you'd have to stop and delight in the fact that it's your UN-birth-day ... and that you can actually make a decision to re-birth something about yourself on this very day, thus making it a true birth-day. Of course, if you want help with this rebirth, read "Happiness Is A Choice" by Barry Neil Kaufman... a must-read book for anyone who wants happiness as the main experience in their lives.

The idea behind doing this would be to more and more perceive yourself as in charge, as perfectly capable of creating happiness and love any time you want, and ultimately, making your birth-days every day of the year. Imagine exciting yourself about all the things you get that you want - as well as trusting that it's perfect when we don't get what we want, and then deciding to want that. This requires some thought about that idea since we usually think it's a bad thing when we don't get what we want. But if we remain happy when we're not getting what we want, we ARE getting what we REALLY want ... to be happy! For lots more support on how to go for and get what you want, come join us here at The Option Institute for our Empower Yourself Program or Inner Strength Program. We'll celebrate your un-birthday with you.

So HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY TO YOU! And many more ...

The Option Institute


  1. Tracee ElliottMay 28, 2009 8:51 PM

    What a neat idea! Even though I just recently celebrated my birthday, I want to celebrate my un-birthday tomorrow! And I was thinking how funny it is that I only give my self permission to celebrate on special occassions, as if each day isn't a gift. Thanks, Samahria!

  2. Another great thing about birthdays is that we think really clearly about what we want. Children here in the UK write a list of things they would like bought as gifts. They are amazingly specific lists even down to checking out a catalogue number and a price to make sure that the adults around them (whom they think don't know anything about the really cool stuff) get the right thing. So maybe on our un birthday we could take time to be that specific about what we want as we would stand a better chance of getting it too.
    I am really learning about how being specific helps at the moment.
    So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMAHRIA - Oh and by the way - it's my birthday too!! XXX Alison Taylor