Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What do I Want?

I've been asking myself a question every day lately:
What do I want? This has been so useful for me.
It gives me clarity and it helps me formulate Intention
and Action.
How often do you ask yourself: What don't I want? and run
like heck away from what you don't want.
Try this instead, ask yourself, every day, What do I want? and
run full tilt towards what you want.
In keeping with Samahria's great thought about Happy Un-Birthday,
Celebrate...and one great way to celebrate is ask yourself this question and then
go for it. Celebrate your life through self-actualization. What do you want?
Phew! The possibilities are endless, aren't they. Be specific with your question and
you can be on your way. Happy Journey! Clyde

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