Thursday, May 14, 2009

Power, Anger, Fear and Self-Acceptance

Power and Anger
What do they have in common?

How about this: A person driven by Power or a person driven by Anger really have
this in common - they are both coming from Fear.

But if we are Accepting ourselves and recognizing that we are always doing the best we
can based on the current beliefs we hold, then there is no room for Fear.

What do you think?



  1. I guess that you refere to power as what most people see as power.
    I changed my perception on power after reading Thich Nhat Hahm's "The art of Power".

    Now power to me is "the ability to stay happy regardless of the stimilus". - when you always come from a happy and comfortable place it's much easier to go for what you want without anger or fear.

    - I guess that this is very much aligned with the teachings at optimal self-trust and Empower yourself - did you ever have a buddhist monk in any of these programes...


  2. I believe fear cannot exist with self-love. Accepting ourselves for doing the best we can at all times creates an inner environment where happiness flourishes. Until I started reading Option books and listening to the CDs and going to the Option Institute, I was constantly fearful though outwardly I doubt many people would have guessed. Since doing my first, week-long course at the Option Institute, I am letting go of my fears. I went to Disneyland in Paris with my daughter yesterday and did all the fast rides which have in the past left me feeling sick and fearful. Of the seven fast rides I did yesterday, I only had brief tinges of fear and instead felt, exhilaration, comfort, and a delight in letting go. I am convinced this is an example of serendipity because of the rapid, inner change I am going through thanks to the Empower Yourself course and the patience, understanding, and love shown to me by the teachers and participants, plus my jumping in powerfully.
    I'm hoping by becoming more and more fearless, anger and power issues will become less and less part of my inner world, allowing an inner core of love so that I thrive, and inspire those around me to do the same.
    Mark Oakley