Thursday, May 14, 2009

There is No Past!

The following is an exchange that recently took place on my Facebook page (find me by searching for "Bears Barry Neil Kaufman"). Please read and enjoy!

Today's Thought: There is no past! Yes, there are historical events and memories -- but whenever we focus on them, they exist in the present. Thus, we are always in the present when we think about the past. What does this mean? If we're in the present, we can then think differently about our past and thinking differently can totally change its impact on us...if the past is present, we can fix it much easier.

Also, we can never be stuck in the past...we're "sticking ourselves" in the present to think about the past. If it's all happening now, then it's much easier to change -- recast and re-frame. All unhappiness is about regrets regarding the past or worries to the future. Happiness happens now, in this moment. We can keep changing our past and its meaning by choosing to reframe it right now...right now.

Love, Bears

So many thoughtful comments were posted in response to my message and I'd like to share some of my favorite with you:

Pessy wrote:
"Yes! Right now! Happiness can happen in a blink of an eye...if we so choose."

Sherri wrote:
"I really like this!"

Melinda wrote:
"Does this mean we should take Start-Up over and over again? I really liked Start up! it Bears!"

Dolores wrote:
"Living in the present is the best place to be. We are the sum total of our thoughts for as a man thinketh so is he. An old Hebrew Proverb."

Dolores wrote:
"And I would say that that is a truth we can all live by. ;)"

Terryann wrote:
"What are we? This very moment..thanks again..Bears..always willing to grasp the joy of this very present"

Cyn wrote:
"My therapist once told me 'It doesn't matter what occurred to you as a child. There is NOTHING you can do today, that will change 29 years ago.' I emphatically and officially am a fan of yours. PS: My husband and I are hoping to see you in October. Much love."

Karen wrote:
"I would like to share a poem written by my sister, Leah. I have had it in my head for 23 years and never have forgotten it...

Goodbye yesterday.
Hello Tomorrow.
What of today? What of now?
It will soon be yesterday....
And yesterday tomorrow.
Do we ever see yesterday?
Do we ever reach tomorrow?
Or have we crossed nonexistent bridges?
Is time an illusion?
Simply a scientist's conclusion.
Yesterday is memories.
Tomorrow are dreams.
Memories perish.
Dreams may never come true.
What of it?
I will wait and worry...Tomorrow."

Kate wrote:
"Hmmm, I like this, a lot. A friend reminded me recently that there is nothing we could come to know about ourselves that is 'bad' for us...and everything in my past has brought me to exactly where I am.. I love where I am. I have reframed with my 'rose tinted' glasses so many events from my past that I could choose to be a victim of in my present.. works for me!!"

Ania wrote:
"yeah! sometimes during the dialogue I feel like I am jumping in to my time travel machine where I am changing my past! Ahahhaha"

Joyce wrote:
"I love you, Bears. a few weeks ago I decided that the New York Marathon would be my line where I would no longer use my past to determine my present. - But that was a few weeks ago - right now I decide that today the past is just the past. It is all just things that happened. The only meaning the past makes - it's whatever I make of it right now! Thanks for reminding me."

Rekha wrote:
"I love that Bears. I raised my voice at the children at breakfast, this morning soon after whilst getting changed my 5year old daughter (Serena), came to me and asked me 'Mummy you shouted earlier, how come your not upset anymore?'...she is great with questions, my personal mentor! I replied 'I just decided not to be'. I realised even my kids ... are noticing how I am letting go, letting go and letting go! Something I couldn't do a couple of years ago when I needed justification and someone to blame! Thank you for showing me another way of loving myself. yours gratefully. Rekha .x"

Sherri wrote:
"I'm thinking, the past doesn't define who we are... At this moment, right now, this is who we are! So, seize the moment, capture the beauty and happiness in each breathe, in each step, and in each fraction of a second. I am ready to live my life free of the past!"

Karin wrote:
"Dear Bears.I just realized the choices i make, i make today. even if it is thinking of yesterday.or planing for tomorrow. And i am so happy that i am free to choose what ever i want."

Larry wrote:
"Yep, for sure. There is no past. There is only the present. We choose to focus ourselves on 'seeing' value, and experiencing it, and all our reminiscences and potential future presents, from our chosen perspective of was there value, worth, to whatever......or not.....and experience our present accordingly.....Thanks for reminding us of this Bears."

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  1. Tracee ElliottMay 16, 2009 5:15 PM

    I am so thankful to you Bears for teaching this concept! It is amazing how much time I had spent recalling and re-living in my mind the self labeled "horrific facts" of my past, thinking that this examination was the best way to protect myself from future similar events. The ability to now recall past memories, keeping in mind they are not factual events set in stone, and find the treasures within them all is such a blessing! Much love!!

  2. I know that lots of people over here in the united Kingdom are afraid of what is happening in the world economy, wars etc....
    I believe as they begin to awaken to the power of now, to the God Force and learn the power of the universal laws. One person at a time we can change the world. God pays my bills
    thank you Karyn