Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Important Than Your Happiness?

I've been wondering why people aren't running as fast as they can to The Option Institute to take programs that will help them in every part of their lives. Seriously, what could be more important than really learning how we can be happy in the face of really trying times happy when we can't get what we want - and what we want seems very meaningful to us, or happy when we don't know what move to make next in our lives.

Who wouldn't want to feel relaxed and trusting(rather than fearful and worried), clear and focused (rather than blocked and unsure) and empowered and motivated (rather than distressed, depressed and unmotivated) to step into a new arena of our future? Is there really anything that would trump self-improvement if it meant you'd be stress free?

I can't imagine what my life would be today if I hadn't learned all the amazing attitudes and tools I know that take me through challenge after challenge with such glide and embrace of the situations. To me, when we're happy, answers come, ideas flow, and it's much easier to feel the perfection in it all than being scared of what we think could happen in the future, believing we could be hurt by it.

Whatever it takes, I say, get to a program as soon as you can so your life can either start to be or continue to grow a wonder and delight for you - in all areas (relationships, parenting, money, loss, and health). It's in your hands - and ONE PROGRAM AT THE OPTION INSTITUTE WILL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE!

See you soon!

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