Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Most Important Question -Revisited

Close your eyes...oops, wait, don't close your eyes right now, but put yourself in a very quiet, meditative space. See your computer screen as a special, even sacred space for you right now. Put a bubble around you and the screen and shut out any distraction.

Next, ask yourself a most important question relating to your happiness and comfort -
ask yourself, What do I want? Really contemplate this. For you to be happier, more comfortable in your life, What do you want? But, think of something that you have control over, or that you can create for yourself. If, for instance, you want someone else to change - that doesn't count.

Now, close your eyes for a few minutes and think of what your answer is. I'll wait.

OK, eyes open? What is it you want that if you attained that want then you would be happier? And how do you attain that want? Hey folks, only what is under your control, right? Take ownership and take action.

Let's share with each other. We can learn from and inspire each other. Waiting to hear from you.


  1. Hi Clyde!
    For a change, I actually did the exercise, instead of just reading and moving on. And the answer I got when I asked myself the question was "nothing". As in, sure, there are lots of things I want, but the process of becoming happy is the same whether I get that next thing or not - it's a choice in every moment, and it is in spite of what's happening around me. I suppose there's happy and there's happier, but somehow it feels like the same process to me.

    Let me chew on that some more. In the meantime, thanks for asking a great question!


  2. I do this exercise when I am stressed, frustrated or in other ways unhappy and I always end up with simple answers: sometimes I wanna go for a walk, have a cup of tea other times I want to be happy - and in that instance I know that happiness is always in my heart - for some reason I just seem to forget it.

    I see happiness as a muscle that is quiet easy to train.

    - and I'll practice more intensive in 2 weeks because I'll see you, Clyde. Until then I'll send you all my happy and loving thoughts.

    Big Hugs


  3. I want to have a deep, authentic connection with myself and hopefully that will mean I will attract into my life people who also want to have a deep connection with themselves and we can share together. I have control over my own self-reflection, a desire to be open and authentic that will increase the chances of attaining that. I do dialogues with myself and am creating a circle of people to do dialogues on a regular basis to help with that. I realise that I do not have control over what people I attract but if I try to be in the world what I see in the world I am confident these deep connections with others will come to light in their own time and in their own way.
    Mark Oakley