Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bringing the World to Eric

After a great consult with Son-Rise Teacher Carolina Kaiser a few weeks ago, we decided that Eric needed some toys and materials in the playroom to more closely match his age.

We added a race track for Matchbox cars, replaced some of the picture books with the "Captain Underpants" series and brought in more advanced art supplies. We added maps so we can show him where people that we know are living, and a calendar to talk about passage of time. So far, so good.

Even Eric's taste in music has changed. Instead of isming only with his Disney collection CDs, he's branched out to Enya and Nickelback. He figured out how to get to movie trailers on iTunes when the computer is unlocked, but instead of exclusively Disney movies, he's looking at SpongeBob and SouthPark.

We think that he's ready to hear about more of the world outside the playroom. But where to start? What do 14-year old boys like? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments.


  1. Angela, I have 3 wonderful boys ranging in age from 12 - 19. I think in one word an answer would be...SPORTS! Anything from baseball to basketball to football, etc. Art and building might also be some things 14-year old boys like to do.

  2. Pessy, I love this idea. College football is big here in Oklahoma. In the past, we've brought the ball itself into the playroom with mixed results. But I think you're on to something--it might be more effective to take a step back from there and start with the story of what football is, pictures from the sports page, make jerseys, draw pictures of players and make up cheers, things like that. I know we've got at least one of Eric's team who would love to act out plays from the Texas-OSU game from last Saturday night!