Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting out of a Rut

I find it so fascinating how I put myself in a rut, and then overwhelm myself with everything that I want to get done. It's as if I create a place where I allow things to build up, and then feel like the work is too hard to deal with. Then what happens is instead of taking things piece by piece, they just stack up until it's more like chunk by chunk. I get deeper into a rut that I create!

It doesn't stop there. I constantly hear a voice inside of me saying, "I must clean up because I don't want to have a messy house." I begin to tell myself what a slob I am.

So what have I accomplished? I have created a rut that keeps growing and growing as well as a voice inside my head that could benefit from a course at The Option Institute!

I remember recently believing that I had two choices when it came to cleaning up and organizing.

1. I can choose to be comfortable with my mess.
2. I can choose to clean it up.

I had decided to be comfortable with my mess. An interesting thing happened. A short while later I felt comfortable enough that I started to straighten up. It was as if all of the pressure to clean up had lifted, and it became easier to choose to clean up with ease.

At The Option Institute I've learned a lot about judgment and the benefits of dropping them. You see, when I'm busy judging myself for being messy and unorganized I fill myself up with a heavy feeling, and stop myself from cleaning up altogether. By judging myself I am achieving exactly the opposite of what I am aiming for!

However, when I drop the self-judgment I give myself room to decide whether or not I want to clean up. From this perspective I fill myself up with motivation and energy. What a different experience it is to make the choice to clean my house because of what I want to achieve rather than because of what I'm avoiding!

Off to clean...YES!!!

Wishing you joy and blessings,

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