Friday, December 18, 2009

From Bobbie: The Benevolent Universe

From Bobbie: Choosing how you want to view the world/universe sounds so simple but it is so powerful. I choose to see it as benevolent, loving and supportive. I look for the blessings in everyday events, even events that others might see as negative.

We had planned a trip to the UK for months and it was fast approaching. We were all so excited. The day before we were to take off, December 15th British Airways flight crews decided to strike on the day before our return, December 23rd until after the New Year. Hmmmm. What to do? After receiving email notification from British Airways stating that they would not confirm our return flights, the decision was made to cancel and re-book for June 2010. We will not get to visit with some of our friends but they assured us they would all have a lovely time and think of us. So now about the blessings....Blessing 1: My daughter is participating in a study abroad program starting January 3rd for 6 months in Lille, France. Her birthday happens to fall on June 22nd. It has been a dream of hers to celebrate her birthday in the Eiffel Tower with me for years...Guess what?? We are doing it this June!! Next blessing: One of my friends who flew from the US particularly to visit with me and show me London at Christmas time, (he is from outside of London originally) just emailed me. Here is his email I copied and pasted:

I think you girls make the right decision to postpone your trip to Europe for this weekend.

The good news BA not going to strike, but Eurostar will be this weekend for 48hours, and the weather is really bad (for here) it snowed last night about 8/10inchs the whole country is at a standstill.

It took me 6hours to get from the airport to my parents an easy trip of just over an hour.

I hope this makes you feel better after canceling first trip and in my opinion mid June is far better time to visit.

Many of my colleagues when hearing the new said things to me like, "Oh, that is so rotten, are you upset?" or "What a shame." The funny thing is, that never occurred to us. We all figured that somehow it was absolutely perfect. All three of us have been attending classes for years and believe 100% in the Option Process. All three of us immediately looked for the blessings and we all found them. The fact that the train we had tickets for to get us to Paris is now on strike is just more evidence for me that the universe is there to support us and that our June trip will be fabulous!

Since I get to choose how I make it ...because it is... after all, my makebelieve! I choose too look for the blessings and the positive things in the universe...That which you focus on gets bigger. If you are interested in learning more about the benevolent universe check out the Calm Amid Chaos course at the Option Institute.

Love and Blessing,


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