Friday, December 11, 2009

From Bobbie: Why Wait to Choose To Be Happy??

A very dear friend of mine asked me for some help today. I said of course I would love to help you. They thanked me profusely and said, "I need to get over this hump so I can be happy and thankful again."

Why? I asked him do you want to wait to be happy? I know it sounds strange at first but think about it. "When I lose 10 pounds I will be happy." " If I get that promotion I will be happy." " If only my daughter would find her path in life then I could relax and be happy." Many people choose over and over again to postpone our happiness... I know I used to.
Maybe we use our unhappiness as a motivator but why do we do that? Because someone else modeled it for us? Because that is what "most" people do?
Ask yourself this: Is it working? One thing I am rock solid about in my life is that I know for me, that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE.
Talk about taking control of your life...this is it!! No matter what anyone says or does I know that I get to choose the way I respond. If I had never learned anything else from reading the books and attending the fabulous classes at the Option Institute I would still feel that my life had changed forever for the better....however, there was more, and more and more...I continue on my journey and find that the ease in which I move through the world continues to expand with me. My sister and I often say to each other how we feel like we are just in the flow with the universe.
So, decide today to be happy while you are getting over the hump...or losing the 10 pounds, or whatever!

I strongly reccommend reading a little book that lives on my night stand, Happiness Is A Choice

With love and gratitude,


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