Friday, January 15, 2010

Air Travel: From Bobbie

With everyone I know complaining about traveling by air I chose to have an amazing experience...and did!

It is true that what other people look at as "challenges" I view as "adventures" and "opportunities" and traveling seems to be another to add to the list. I recently had the opportunity to re-book a trip to Europe and then reschedule my visit to the Mid-West for the Holidays. Off to the airport with plenty of time I happily made it through security and to my seat. It was a short trip to L.A. and then I made my way to the connecting flight. I heard my name over the loud speaker asking me to report to the desk. A somewhat frantic woman told me they had to change my seat assignment and that I no longer had my favorite isle seat but they gave me a window. OK, I said with a smile, knowing that a happy person may want an isle seat but is still happy when she gets a window seat....the woman kind of stopped for a second, and then smiled back. I gave myself a yummy feeling when I loved that woman and chose "sweet" and "happy" when she changed my seat when many around me were choosing "angry", "upset", and "unhappy".

We boarded the in my window seat, another woman was seated in the isle and then we were just kind of waiting. A very large, tall man came dashing down the isle to my row...he was really big and I didn't see how on earth he was gonna squeeze into that middle seat! I didn't bring any carry-on bags so I offered him the space under the seat in front of me. He thanked me and he somehow managed to get buckled in and we took off.

I had my Power Dialogues book with me re-reading it to get ready for the Power Dialogues class I will be attending in March. I had my ear plugs in my hand and was going to start reading when the man next to me broke out a stack of papers and told me he was learning Spanish. We started talking and introduced ourselves...we fell in and out of easy silences. We were both reading and then would start to one point he told me about his life and how he had attended several different programs looking for answers for himself. I listened and then realized that of course it was perfect that my seat was changed because now I was next to a man who I could share my experience of finding the Option Institute and how it had changed my life!! Not only that, I realized the page I had open in the Power Dialogues book was the perfect answered several of the questions he had been speaking of. He read it and said he loved made so much sense to him. Of course I gave him the URL to the Web Site and told him I would love to send him a copy of Happiness Is A Choice. We exchanged addresses and emails. The 6 hour flight seemed so short...when we were deplaning Mark said, "I rarely ever speak to anyone on flights, but I feel like we are already friends." We hugged and he went on to his connecting flight and I went off to baggage claim. So, my makebelieve is that traveling is what you make it. Look for blessings! You will find them everywhere.

Love and Hugs,


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  1. What a great story. If it wasn't for that seat change you wouldn't have that story to share and inspire others. I'm going to strive to make my own personal beliefs my friend, which in turn, will inspire others around me.

    Thank you.