Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Have Your Own Answers

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): Foundational Principle #2, Option Process® (what we teach at The Option Institute). YOU HAVE YOUR OWN ANSWERS. We often look to experts, institutions, media and the people around us for our answers. Certainly, others can contribute their thoughts and suggestions. However, we teach people that they are, in the end, their own best experts on themselves and they can access their own answers/insights/wisdom.

Imagine if each of us decided that our moms and dads and partners and teachers and counselors and friends have the best of intention in their guidance for us. But also imagine that they do not live in our skin or walk in our shoes. We are decidedly alone with our internal experiences and internal landscape (that's not bad news, but great news)...because we are also the architects of that landscape. Imagine relaxing, creating more self-acceptance, more happiness - therefore more clarity...and then deciding to ask ourselves (not anyone else)..."what do I want to do?" "How do I want to live my life- and with whom?"

Love, Bears

For decades, I have taught and used PowerDialogues to ask nonjudgmental questions of myself and uncover (and change) core beliefs which allowed me to redirect my life...and feel complete ownership and excitement for that life (as well has teach others to do the same). Imagine, at the end of your life, saying: "No Regrets" It’s within the reach of all of us.

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  1. I have realised that good experts feels comfortable about clarifying their answers. So when I go to get information from and expert (e.g a doctor), I feel comfortable asking questions and keep asking questions till I know how to combine the "expert"'s knowledge with mine. - and share my knowledge so we might come up with new answers together.