Thursday, April 8, 2010

Application of The Option Process

Application of our lives: IT'S NOT ABOUT "TALK", IT'S ABOUT "DO". Most philosophers think, discuss, and write. What's exciting is designing a grid to explain and construct the world around us, then forming it into a cohesive teachable process (which we did with the Option Process and honed over 40 years) and then apply it helping folks use it to navigate happily and successfully in the real world. In the end, depressed no longer, anxious no more, empowered to the max., self-trusting, autism gone -- imagine learning to convert best talk into best action.
1) What am I believing about life, love, relationships, sex, money, health, aging (write it down if you want)
2) How do I behave having those beliefs in those areas?
3) Do I like what I am doing or do I want to change it?
4) If I want to change it, then I need to change the underlying belief. How do we do that? Question: why do I believe that?
...And so it unfolds -- you knowing you.
Love, Bears

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