Friday, April 2, 2010

Celebrating a Full Recovery with The Son-Rise Program

We are delighted to share an inspiring "before and after" video with you documenting the full Autism recovery of a remarkable young man named Simon, thanks to his parents never giving up hope for their son. We applaud Simon’s amazing Son-Rise Mom Shelley, who so generously offered us footage of young Simon in the throes of Autism and slowly emerging in the playroom. Simon and his parents exhibit extraordinary love and strength in choosing to share with the world this lovely story of Autism recovery.

Shelley and her husband send a message to us all:

"We are thrilled knowing that other families will hear Simon's words and find their way to The Son-Rise Program! We join Simon in hoping that he will inspire others to know the gifts of the program’s love in our lives, and to realize that it's not about how severe the child may be- it's about loving your child unconditionally and letting go of the feelings of burden, of the judgments that can arise. Years ago, I was told by one of your Son-Rise Program teachers that by growing up with the principles of this program, many of the children he had worked with would go on to lead 'extraordinary lives.' Today, at 19, Simon is an authentic, loving, introspective person, truly a young Son-Rise Program child growing into his future. He has chosen an amazing university, has already made friendships and has become part of the community. He is a member of many clubs, with Improv being pretty close to the top of his list… And for the people who want to say 'Simon’s parents did it, but I can't', I would say that they would do well to listen to Simon’s words again...we were there, and as we followed his lead, he showed us the way! I know how grateful I am to have lived these last 18 years with The Son-Rise Program and The Option Process®, and what they teach in my daily life."

The Autism Treatment Center of America is thrilled to support World Autism Awareness Day April 2, and Autism Awareness month in April. To commemorate, we recognize our lifelong celebration of AUTISM RECOVERY and salute the thousands of parents around the world like Shelley and her husband who stand tall and steadfast in their hope for their children’s future. To that end, please have a look and enjoy Simon’s heartwarming video:

To help us launch the video and spread Simon’s word of hope and recovery far and wide, you can do the following:
• Forward this email to everyone on your email contact list. 1 in every 100 children in the USA and 1 in every 50 in the UK are diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum - this means that someone in your direct network will know someone with Autism.

• Post the video clips on your Facebook wall for all your friends to see. Someone in your network has been touched by Autism and could benefit and learn from the video clip.

• Share the video clip in your groups. Whether you are part of an online group such as Yahoo or Facebook, or a face-to-face parenting group, share the word!

• Go to and subscribe to our own AutismTreatment channel. All you have to do is hit the "subscribe" button. If you don't already have a YouTube account, it's easy to sign up. Click here for easy-to-follow video instructions.

• And make sure to rate and comment on our videos. Your feedback is so very valuable!
Please help us to reach out to other parents around the world, and let's continue to share with each other and support each other as we enter Autism Awareness Month!

We're so pleased . . . and very, very grateful.

Love and smiles.

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