Friday, May 28, 2010

Disagreeing Without Judgment & With Love

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): To be open, to be curious (or fascinated) by how we all have designed ourselves and our belief systems, to be easy and expansive in sharing our ideas and to listen to others share theirs (even if adversarial) creates an opening for enhanced expressions of our humanity. Judgments tend to narrow our vision. Assessments (big, tall, hard, soft) are more useful than judgments of good/bad and right/wrong, especially bad and wrong. In an exaggerated form, bad becomes evil. And when folks judge others as evil, that self-righteousness leads to genocide, retaliation and war. Again, to be accepting doesn't mean not to take action: to protect someone in harm's way or limit the movements of someone bent on doing violence. We can even confine someone based on certain agreed upon standards without first needing to judge and be vindictive in any way. Seek to understand rather than judge. Seek to love rather than requiring others to love us.

Love, Bears

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  1. This totally helped me out with a thing I've been mulling over. thank you!