Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All My Beliefs Have Destinations

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): ALL MY BELIEFS HAVE DESTINATIONS: As a young man, I searched for the "truth" -- but then I noticed teachers/ leaders who claimed they had the truth often appeared accusatory and stressed. So I stopped looking for the truth and wanted self-understanding. Then I realized every belief I had led me to a different destination. So, I focused on where I wanted to go (happy, love, God) & created beliefs to get me there.

When Samahria and I stared the Option Institute 27 years ago, I recall writing down a list of my intended primary destinations...learning to be happier than ever, experiencing love as a daily continuing experience, and making the wonder of my every step to be like a walk with God. Our perspective and living philosophy (The Option Process) led us to question all our thoughts and beliefs which guided our behavior and fueled our feelings. We want nothing less than creating the best version of ourselves, as imperfect (perfectly) as that might be. A long road? Sure. With many challenges along the way? But every step has been a privilege...whether it’s autism, our daughter’s heart challenges, our adopted son’s surviving being knifed in the throat, holding my father in my arms as he died – we knew and further learned: we’re blessed not by the events in our lives but by our embrace of them with love and an open heart.
Love, Bears

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