Thursday, June 10, 2010

Self Studentship

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): BE A STUDENT OF OURSELVES: The idea of studying ourselves (not politics, not medicine, not carpentry, not driver education) as a PRIMARY PATH to self-understanding and change (individually and globally). A Five Step Process: Step #1, SELF-AWARNESS. What do I think (believe), what do I feel (emotions), what do I do (behave).
Imagine the universe has a heart-beat and that heart-beat within each of us. Imagine that by really knowing and understanding ourselves, we will also get magnificent insights into the universe (at least, how we operate in the universe and how the universe mirrors us). Imagine that the path of self-understanding is also a pathway not only to our own clarity but to the most spiritual embrace of ourselves. Imagine, just imagine, we came into life fully equipped – consciousness, thoughts (beliefs), choice and humanity. Therefore, we don’t have to go anywhere to jump into the heart of the universe – because we are that heart. Let’s get to know who we are and how we operate. It begins by sincere and serious study of our OWN thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Step # 1. Yeah!!!
Love, Bears

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