Monday, June 7, 2010

Choosing Happiness, Choosing Love

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE: a belief, a make-believe (yes), title of one of my books (yes, too - smiles). More significant is it's usefulness. The kicker: it's a choice 100% of the time, not 90% or 95%. We're either in charge of our happiness or not. When I started to believe it was a choice, I noticed I made that choice more and more often and no longer felt like a victim. Illusion or a blessing?

Other side of the coin: LOVE IS A CHOICE. Actually, when we are unhappy, we don't do love (love as a verb) because we're busy doing sadness, anxiety, anger, hate. So happiness is a necessary ingredient to love. Happy people usually do love easily and often. And loving people are usually happy when they're loving. When we worry or judge, that doesn't feel like doing happiness or love. It's a different activity. Sometimes people say I don't like you but I love you. Really? I noticed if I'm loving you, I am liking you because if I don't like you, I am judging you wrong or bad for something...and that's turning on the faucet of discomfort/unhappiness. What to do? Drop a judgment you have of someone, then choose to love them. Or, drop a judgment of someone, be happy...and see if you then choose to love them. Choices. Choices. Choices. Freedoms and blessings.

Love, Bears

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