Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interacting With Others Who Choose Another Way

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): INSIDE/OUTSIDE: People often ask when they are in the process of changing their inner landscape at the Option Institute, how do they interact with those around them who are not changing? "They're still doing anger but I'm choosing a different way." "They're still doing victim but I'm taking responsibility for my feelings."

Ah, model what you want verses asking others to choose what you choose. The happy person gets what they want or wants what they get. If you are working towards being happier and more loving, don’t then require others to do or be what you do or are choosing to be. Most likely, you will notice that changing yourself requires focus, commitment and learning new beliefs (all beliefs have destinations – change your beliefs and you will go to new and different places). If someone else is not going where you’re going, rather than judge, be accepting... rather than demanding them to be different, celebrate yourself for who you are becoming.
Love, Bears

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