Thursday, June 24, 2010

Confusion to Enlightenment

FROM BEARS (Barry Neil Kaufman): CONFUSION TO ENLIGHTENMENT: We resist being confused. I suggest it's a blessing. When we're confused, it means we can't make sense out of what's happening, which means we have to "rewire" our thinking. The greatest neurological growth occurs when we climb out of our confusion. Ah, confusion = brain food for enlightenment. Confusion is not to be combated, but embraced for a ride towards greater clarity.
Love, Bears


  1. can you tell me from what source "The greatest neurological growth occurs when we climb out of our confusion." It would be interesting.

  2. Reading John's question "from what source...", I recall that my mother used to say "consider the source", as a way of helping us kids to decide the whether to experiment further with a novel idea. I still believe some sources to be more reliable than others. The difference now is that as "my own best expert", I am at the top of my list of authoritative sources.

    On my own authority, I buy Bears' assertion, that moving beyond "confusion" represents "neurological growth". I have resonant examples in my own memory. At the same time I smile, believing that his use of "the greatest" likely operates as a "high flame" amplifier.