Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School

FROM LORNA: I returned to teaching high school today after a 20 month hiatus. I knew it would be a different experience for me this time, for sure. After all, I’ve been studying, practicing and loving the Option Process in those 20 months I was gone.

I’m already a different teacher.

I could feel it. My students, I’m positive, could feel it. I’m sure they were wondering, Who was this lady that was so loving to ALL of them? I truly felt love for all of them. It used to bug me when a student asked me what time class was over (and someone seems to ALWAYS ask this). But this time, I smiled and said, “Cool that you ask! You clearly are going to have to be my timekeeper! Every day, your job will be to let me know when class is almost over. Right on!” He smiled and agreed!

My curriculum was different, too. Usually I plan ALL business the first day of school. All syllabi and class rules and such. I scrapped it all today for a really easy going “getting to know you” activity. We all enjoyed ourselves. And, low and behold, I actually found a few things out about my students! One said he liked seafood, but not fish! (I laughed at that!) Another wants to get a tattoo of an angel on his back in honor of his mother. She’s still alive, by the way. He joked he was a mama’s boy. Who knew it could be so fun??

I decided today that, while I will strive to teach my subject in the best way that I can, I’m more concerned in teaching these beautiful teens HOW TO BE. And I’m going to model it for them every day.

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