Friday, August 13, 2010

Exceptional Woman, Here I Come!!

FROM LORNA: Every single one of my girlfriends has at one time or another (including me) grabbed a portion of their body (as if they’re kneading bread) and proclaimed, “I’m fat.” I’m pretty certain I know what fat looks like (or do I?), and NONE OF US are even close to being fat.

What is that about?

I have some theories. Mass media portraying beauty as stick thin might be one culprit. Our mother’s obsessing about their weight might be another. The constant advertising of “fat free” and fad diets certainly is 'feeding' into it (pun intended).

But what is really going on? I want to know. I want to rid myself of these negative thoughts about my body. I need to explore my personal beliefs so that all of those external messages won’t penetrate my TRUE BEAUTY.

Exceptional Woman here I come! What better place to explore this part of myself than with loving, accepting, GLORIOUS WOMEN! I can’t wait! My life as I know it will be forever changed by this amazing journey with my soul sisters.

Will I see YOU there???

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