Sunday, September 26, 2010


From Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman/Option Institute Co-Founder)

Okay, do I turn left or right, do I move forward or back? Theoretically, if you split an atom, send each part in opposite direction, one day as they travel forward, on the curve of space, both parts would meet each other in some distant place. Often, we think the big deal was not whether we turned left or right but, actually, what gives us our life experience is whether we inspired ourselves, jumped in passionately, gave it our all, went for the gold....and yet, at the same time, be always willing to let go. To let go? That's the power keep going but without ever needing to get what we're going for in order to be happy. But only let go when we want to let go. Some of us give up our dreams before we birth them fully (that's about fear of failure and pouting in advance just in case we don't get what we want). Sure...choose well. Sure...bring your happiness and love and kindness with you. can make believe it's all about which way you turned -- however, remember the split atom. It's not the destination, it's how you chose to travel. Where we are is never simply defined by our circumstances, it's defined by our attitude and inner state of mind. Look around, whether you have money right now or a great relationship or a typically functioning child or health, what you do have it YOU. And you get to always decide about how you want YOU to be. Happy curved space..
Love, Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman/Option Institute/Son-Rise Program Co-Founder)


  1. I agree. It doesn't matter at all which way I turn. Nothing is random - no matter what turns I take, I will wind up exactly where I am supposed to be. Various ways to get there, various lessons to learn. But whatever my journey I can make it just what I need it to be. Because I am the author of my life. And when I am loving me - then the wonderful journey itself is everything I need.

  2. I find the idea of it's not where you go but the quality of the attitude you have on your journey that counts, comforting and calming. Instead of focusing on whether we are making the right decision of where to go, let's concentrate on believing whatever decision we make is the right one and have fun on the way!! I live in Paris and when I am not sure whether to turn left or right while driving, I often just guess and always end up where I want to go in the end. I think life is like this too in the long-term. Mark O