Monday, November 29, 2010

FROM BEARS: One Step at a Time

ONE STEP AT A TIME: Holidays with our families. Diets and exercise to make us healthy. Trading in old limiting beliefs for new expansive ones. Day/Months in a Son-Rise Program playroom. Healing from illness. Living with physical/emotion/spiritual challenges. We're fully equipped --one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Love, Bears

Don K.
:) one step at a time

Gareth B.
Or, live in the present, the power of now.... The playroom is a powerful healing place and not just for the student, the teacher also gains from the experience

Melissa F.
@Gareth, I believe the Power Of Now, is most powerful place to live, especially where autism is concerned. Thank You for sharing.
The journey of a thousand steps, begins with just one, and that is now.

Patrick L.
‎ opportunity at a time!

Audrey W.
Thank you...I needed this reminder. Happy Thanksgiving.

Alison S. T.
One step at a time - trusting myself to keep going for the step after that and the one after that, but not needing to know right now where those steps will go to - it's all OK ♥

Carla H.
beautiful words, you have such an enlightened way of putting things. Wishing expansive coolness to you and your family this time of year. Namaste'

Ellen Y. S.
yup, one step at a time. What's "in our way" is our way.

Rifka M.
I like that!

Ruth B.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bears and everyone here. This is such a wonderful reminder. Here, NOW, one step at a time. This is what we have. How perfect! My boy Raffy has finally taught me this and how it actually feels to live fully in each moment. I'm still a rooky but being with him in the playroom, I am glimpsing the wonder of being present and connected with him and the whole universe! Wonderful.

Gareth B.
I also would add that the power of joining, when you completely immerse yourself is profound....

Rekha N.
wonderful thought Bears. I used to give myself just huge hurdles to jump and then judge myself for not achieving them. Now I focus on celebrating how far I have come one step at a time!x

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