Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FROM BEARS: Thanks/Giving

Thank you universe/God for my ability to have sweet thoughts and feelings. Thank you Samahria for being the angel of my life. Thank you my children for the adventures & nourishing of caring and giving & loving. Thank you our students for honoring us with your wanting to learn & grow. GIVING means being kind & loving & USEFUL to those you thank. Love, Bears

From C. N. W.:
When Elijah was diagnosed with Autism I found you two and your son in the 70's on youtube. My sister says I am so much like Samahria! I can only hope so :)

From Heather R. A.:

We are thanking God for Bears and Samahria and the Option Institute! We love you!

From Jan J. S.:

Thank you Bears and Samahria and all of those at Option for inspiring and helping us to be all that we can be.

From Donny H.:

Bears, many thanks for the gift of your amazing self. And much love to your sweet family.

From Jo C.:

Bears, thank you doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the deepest sense of gratitude I have for you and the staff at Option. I came back home a changed person after completing Start Up, I learned more about myself & daughter that I ever imagined was possible and I realised how much useful it was to be hopeful. From the depths of my heart THANK YOU xox

From Rebecca S.:

Bears xxxxx my gratitude for you and Samahria and Option would not fit into this little comment box, it would take pages and pages, extends way beyond and deeper than the depth of my heart (which is deeper now because of you!) xxxxxThank you always for being the incredible people you are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From Jenifer C. W.:

Thank you Bears for my wonderful dialogue yesterday and thank you for smiling and loving me as I travel to Iowa today with an intention of being loving, authentic and playful! Greatest love and thanks to you and your entire family for your special process, your love of our family, and all that you do to help so many people all over this planet. Hugs and love, Jenifer!

From Alison S. T.:

Dear Bears, for everything you are and all that you mean to me, for everything I am because of the things you taught me...thank you thank you thank you. I love you, please tell me how I can be useful ♥

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