Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FROM BEARS: "Nothing's wrong with me; nothing ever was!"

‎"NOTHING'S WRONG WITH ME; NOTHING EVER WAS!" The end of blame and complain. If I decide I do the best I can based on my beliefs and wherever I am today is perfect for me, today -then it's all okay. Nothing is wrong with me, my current situation or you -unless I judge it as "bad." Without that judgment, I am just me/you... are just you. No one to blame because nothing's wrong. No complaints. Pass the metaphorical sugar! Love, Bears

Alison S. T.
It's all OK was all I ever wanted to hear : )

Don K.
it starts and ends with ME ; )

Donny H.
How many billions of people have been taught they were "born" sinners? Could this one belief be the catalyst for all of the self harm and self sabotage in the world?

Alison S. T.
Donny, you are a wonder!!! You totally have it there. Born a sinner, that the best I can do is still filthy rags in God's sight, that without God I can't do anything good, that God can't look at me he has to look at Jesus instead - all from... the bible. Is it any wonder that we feel bad. I find it pretty hard to shake of those beliefs with the prospect of hell and damnation as a consequence of me deciding that I am OK though.

Oksana P.
Donny and Alison I am confused with your beliefs I think you have it all wrong. Jesus is the pure illustration of love. He was the first person in the bible not to judge those who were so hard on them selves. Remmember the adulterous woman, she was so ashamed and all the religious leaders judged her as well. Jesus send them all away and told her that he did not judge her and if she felt bad about her actions she just shouldn't repeat it. Look at it this way, you will do things you wish you did differently and that's ok, you did the best you could. God knows that, that's why he doesn't expect perfection. Jesus's life was a simbol that broke the age old belief that we have to "pay" for every thing we do wrong. He released that generation from that. It is amaising to me that people want to attach his life to reinforce the very beliefs Jesus opposed. Alison the quotes you are using are not complete and one of them is a hymn. What do you think of the quote "well-formed love banishes fear. Since fear is crippling, a fearful life- fear of death, fear of judgement- is one not yet fully formed in love."' This is also from the bible. Anais Nin said "We don't see things as they, are we see things as we are." You see we have full control of our beliefs and judgement. Jesus and his life has been an incredible fountain of joy and comfort for me, perfect peace that does not come from my circumstances or reactions of fellow humans. Studying Jesus's teachings has instilled in me a genuine belief that I can do anything and that I have all the support I could possibly need. Sending all of you good thoughts.

Richard B.
There is no greater hell than to be a prisoner of fear.

Alison S. T.
I'm with you on that one Richard!!!

Donny H.
If a religion, any religion, teaches that we are "born sinners" and need "saving" by someone else in order to be "ok" then they are teaching that there is something wrong with you. That "something" is the "fallen nature" of humankind. In other words, my born "nature" is to do things which are "bad." I used to believe this and lived a guilt ridden life devoid of power. Option teaches, "there is nothing wrong with anyone-ever. There are only choices." I find that belief empowering and freeing. I was taught that people did "bad" things because they were "bad." Option teaches that we all do the best we can with the beliefs we have and that we can change our behavior by changing our beliefs. I find that empowering as well. And Alison, I was taught those things as well. So happy I have something much more empowering to teach my daughter.

Jan J. S.
Religion is taught by people, and people have different beliefs and "hang ups" -- if someone is accepting and loving, their god will be that way; look at the Nazi type people who teach that god hates gay people, etc. People have different views of religion depending on their own views. No judgement needed of them as well. Just the desire not to be like them if you want.

Jan J. S.
I like the acceptance attached to Bears' view - the not beating myself up part. On the other hand, I don't believe I'm always doing the best I can. I know I ignore certain beliefs that I have and it seems I deliberately use other beliefs to... justify myself when I decide to be pissy or pouty. Even in class at Option, that kind of behavior is challenged heartily. I know it's challenged to show it doesn't work (pouting for instance), and yes, perhaps I'm pouting to gain attention or because of a belief that being open is threatening; on the other hand. I do know "better" and can switch it if we choose the "higher" part of myself. And yes, I see there are a lot of judgments in my statement. But aren't those judgments (perhaps assessments) needed to some extent to choose the part of me that knows better?

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